NCDW Civitan Jigsaw Puzzle Project

We are pleased to announce a new and very creative project that is a WIN – WIN – WIN for the Civitan focused charities at International and throughout the State of North Carolina.

An attractive 8” x 10” Easy 100 piece Jigsaw Puzzle in a decorative box has been created that is an ideal gift for your young children to adults.  The Puzzles are only $20 each and the proceeds will be donated to the Civitan International Research Center and to each of the North Carolina Civitan focused charities:  Special Olympics-NC, the Boys and Girls Homes of NC and Victory Junction.  That is a big WIN for these very worthy organizations.

We are suggesting that when you purchase a Puzzle(s) you give them as a gift.  At the District meeting many of the people who ordered Puzzles committed giving the Puzzles to grandchildren. Some stated Victory Junction so that there are puzzles in every cabin.  One person ordered six so every EC Classroom in their School District has this proven child development tool.  And the ideas go on and on.  So by donating the Puzzle you create the second WIN.

You will notice that the image created a visual story of who Civitan is and promotes our focused charities.  It becomes a great Recruiting tool and the third WIN.

The Puzzles will be available to purchase at the upcoming Spring Area Meetings.  You can also pre-order today to insure you get yours before we run out.  Contact Leo Gordon at 704.402.7568 or or through your Area Director.

Contact Webmaster - Leo Gordon 

Updated April 2. 2020